This time I was the test knitter!


Frontenac wears my cowl with style!


The chaos version will have basic instructions, give guidelines for finishing the design, but will allow you make creative design decisions as you go.

From Kim’s group on Ravelry.

I like chaos. I’m pretty creative. I like a challenge. Plus I needed some portable to knit on my vacation. I jumped at the opportunity. I used a skein of her Merino Nylon Sock Yarn, that I had in my stash (gifted to me by my lovely friend Lillian). The colour name is Groverkill (Kim and Ron have the best names for their yarn. They always make me laugh and they are BEAUTIFUL!). I did a stash dive and found some other random sock yarns (with no labels) that looked awesome with Groverkill.

The cowl was REALLY fun to knit. I enjoyed every minute of it. My mum loved it too! I have a feeling I know where this cowl is going to end up!

Run, run, run and buy Spatial Distortion: Loop! It’s $6, it was really fun to knit, and it is available here on Ravelry! There are 2 versions and a few sizes. I am planning on making more of these! I can’t believe how quick and fun it was to work with.

button detail.

Here are the points my dears:

Accessory: 1pt

Yardage = 200yds: 2pts

Stash yarn: 1pt

Never knit this pattern before: 1pt

TOTAL: 5 points!

I know that this summer the Rumblers have been pretty quiet, but I promise that we will be back in full swing soon!


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