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This time I was the test knitter!

    The chaos version will have basic instructions, give guidelines for finishing the design, but will allow you make creative design decisions as you go. From Kim’s group on Ravelry. I like chaos. I’m pretty creative. I like a … Continue reading

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Hello Crafty People! Wow! The Rumblers sure have been quiet this summer! I know that I’ve been busy! I’m juggling two jobs, not much time off, the hottest summer ever, and super dry weather. I know that I haven’t been … Continue reading

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42 Degrees Celcius With The Humidex…

… yup. That’s the temperature. It’s hot. And it’s tough for a knitter. Wool + sweaty hands = felting. It’s horrible. Despite this fact and the horrible weather, I have still be knitting — not as much mind you, and … Continue reading

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It is finished! Our May Challenge¬†was to design something. I designed this hat! I’ve been working on writing, knitting, and test knitting for over a month. And now it is here! You can buy the pattern HERE (Ravelry link. Don’t … Continue reading

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My latest addiction…

A little while ago Julianna posted about her new design. I jumped at the chance to test knit for her! The minute I saw the project I knew I had to knit it! So much fun! A great way to … Continue reading

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Wool Scarves and Sun Dresses

Summer has hit Canada. And to be honest, I really don’t love summer. I don’t like heat and my hair hates humidity. Knitting in the summer isn’t easy either. Sweaty hands and overheating sure get in the way! But I … Continue reading

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The Zen of Sock Knitting…

… I’ve been introspective lately. Life changes can do that to you. I finished these socks a few weeks ago (and haven’t sewn in the ends until this morning). These socks got me thinking… Today is my Mom’s birthday. I … Continue reading

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