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Julianna’s New Design

Designing this pattern really stretched me out of my comfort zone and I’m so happy it did! I’m grateful for this month’s challenge to design because it pushed me to design in a way I hadn’t before, to stretch myself … Continue reading

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Wool Scarves and Sun Dresses

Summer has hit Canada. And to be honest, I really don’t love summer. I don’t like heat and my hair hates humidity. Knitting in the summer isn’t easy either. Sweaty hands and overheating sure get in the way! But I … Continue reading

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Despite my lack of activity around here of late, I have actually been knitting. Far too mcuh in fact. My right elbow is now protesting, I idiotically kept knitting through the slightly tingly-numb phase, and am into a full on … Continue reading

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Julianna’s Design Prototypes

The concept for my design has been floating around in my head for months, now. It started with the idea of a leaf.  After researching a bit about leaves on wikipedia, I found out that the leaf shape I was … Continue reading

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It’s Giveaway Day!!!

Well, giveaway week actually. This week is the massive blog giveaway day, coordinated by the fabulous SewMamaSew blog. They amass links to hundreds of blogs, with giveaways of hand-made bags, kids items, plus lots and lots of people offering up … Continue reading

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The Zen of Sock Knitting…

… I’ve been introspective lately. Life changes can do that to you. I finished these socks a few weeks ago (and haven’t sewn in the ends until this morning). These socks got me thinking… Today is my Mom’s birthday. I … Continue reading

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Filling my head with sparkles….

You may not have noticed in the original May challenge post, but I’m the rumbler who doesn’t already have any designing under her belt. I’ve adapted other people’s patterns, and even free-form crocheted a Manatee, but I’m yet to make … Continue reading

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