42 Degrees Celcius With The Humidex…

… yup. That’s the temperature. It’s hot. And it’s tough for a knitter. Wool + sweaty hands = felting. It’s horrible.

Despite this fact and the horrible weather, I have still be knitting — not as much mind you, and not as often. I have finished something though.

Feather and fan!

Amy inspired me with her Multnomah Shawl . I’ve knit this pattern before and really enjoyed it. Kate Ray is a great designer. Her designs are clear and very fun to knit. I had a skein of Indigodragonfly’s 2-ply Organic Merino (named Goodbye Kitty) kicking around from her Smart-Ass Knitters Yarn Club. I can’t find the base on her site — I wonder if it was a base just for the club. It is awesome stuff and it bloomed like crazy when I blocked it! Kim and Ron are really cool people — I’ve met them. I totally recommend their yarns! And the club is super fun. They are sarcastic, silly and pop culture junkies… what isn’t to love about that??? I haven’t come across a yarn of theirs I don’t love!

So I cast this on last week…


The yarn pooled really well and I love it. I don’t think that I will keep it for myself, however. It doesn’t really look good on me. But I have someone in mind for Christmas, so it won’t sit idle in my closet. I promise.

Here are my points:

Simple Shawl: 2

400 yards: 4

Stash: 1

Lace: 1

Total: 8!

Good luck in this heat crafters! Please stay cool! I’m going to try not to melt while I work on a new hat idea…

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4 Responses to 42 Degrees Celcius With The Humidex…

  1. sandyjager says:

    38°C here without the humidex! Are you jealous yet?

  2. Julianna says:

    Very cool! That pattern knits up great with variegated yarn. I haven’t made one (yet)…

  3. Caroline says:

    Really lovely – I think the base may have been just for the club. I had silk hankies and they are much darker. I have met Kim and she is wonderful and so helpful at working with my allergies to find yarn I can use. Crocheting socks now in as a test project for a new Merino, Cashmere, Nylon sock yarn she may carry in the future – just lovely to work with – colour is TARDIS.

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