Hello Crafty People!

Wow! The Rumblers sure have been quiet this summer! I know that I’ve been busy! I’m juggling two jobs, not much time off, the hottest summer ever, and super dry weather. I know that I haven’t been in a knitting mood…

… so I assume Amy and Julianna aren’t in the knitting mood either… Oh well, that just means that I can strengthen my lead over them! Muhahahaha!

I will admit that I’ve finally stepped into the darkness of ordering yarn online. It’s a scary, fun, terrifying world… and I love it. I went in on a Knit Picks order with some of my local knitting girls. It was awesome! I ordered some Wool of the Andes and Worsted weight Chroma. Addictive and beautiful (and cheap too)! I knew the minute that I saw Chroma it was meant to be stripes within stripes! And what is a better summer project than a hat?

Never enough stripes

I love it so much!

The decreases are the best part!

Here’s the point break down:

Hat = 1pt

150 yards = 1.5pts

Design (out of my own little head) = 1pt

TOTAL: 3.5pts

Not a huge amount, but I will take it!

And what’s an Emily post without a head shot?

Stay cool kids!



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5 Responses to STRIPES

  1. I LOVE the stripes. The view from the top is the best!

  2. Julianna says:

    Yay! That hat is simply beautiful! Amazing yarn choice – I’ve got to get my hands on some chroma 🙂

  3. owlmazing says:

    I love the hat, chroma IS meant to be in stripes. I want a white and chroma buttermint striped pullover…but i already have some for a blanket AND fingerless mitts lol! This summer here has zapped my knitting motivation too. Soooo hot. ugh. Finally back at it now though!

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      I think all of us have been zapped too! Cooler weather is coming, I even saw some leaves that have turned! So excited!

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