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There will always be sheep….

…the observant amongst you will have noticed that I didn’t complete our challenge in May – designing. I had ideas. I had plans. And I bottled it. I’m sure I will get to the designing stage at some point, but … Continue reading

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A visitor…

Now I live in a lovely neighbourhood, so I wasn’t too upset this morning when I found the back door ajar. That was until I noticed that someone had been rummaging through the book-shelves. Wierd. Hang on, who is that … Continue reading

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The adventures of Yoshi…..

Yoshi found a new pipe to explore in Super Mario World this morning, and to his surprise it led to Ottawa: Not one to pass up the chance to explore new territory, Yoshi set off to see what he could … Continue reading

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The making of a manatee…..

Some of you will have noticed my absence over the last week or so (and those of you that haven’t should pretend you have, or It’ll hurt my feelings!). Last night I got back from a fantabulous road-trip to Tampa, … Continue reading

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I’m beavering away on my Trillian, languishing far behind the other two ladies who already have serviceable sized scarfs. Mine might serve as a dishcloth so far (if it wasn’t so pretty!). Anyway, in the meantime I have also been … Continue reading

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Some fish hats are smaller than others….

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