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Interview with Lee Meredith!

Our challenge for April has been to mix it up with some game-knitting, so we were totally blown away when the designer behind the fab e-book we’ve all been using, Lee Meredith, agreed to do this interview with us!  We … Continue reading

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David Bowie vs Tom Cruise

Oooh, by the skin of my teeth I’m squeezing in one last game-knitting project. The wonderful hat Julianna made for me inspired me to erm….. copy her completely! (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say!). So, I … Continue reading

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Purple Socks

My knitting hasn’t been working out, lately.  It’s not that I haven’t been knitting, it’s just that my projects haven’t been turning out the way I want them to.  The choices I’ve been making matching patterns to yarn haven’t been … Continue reading

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Remember back when Emily introduced the game-knitting challenge? Being a big fam of Lee Meredith I was very excited (I have three of her patterns on the needles at the moment, tragic isn’t it?). Well, along with a hat from … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a time in your life when everything gets thrown in the air, the pieces hit the floor in a mess, and you have to piece it all back together? Sometimes the pieces don’t fit, but you … Continue reading

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A morning on the farm.

It is a rainy and overcast day in Ottawa this morning, which usually means I head for the duvet, knitting and sofa. Today I got a little more active though, and was lucky enough to help out with shearing at … Continue reading

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Glitter Zebra

I have finished another Game Knitting project for our April Challenge. I think that it might be the best Game Knitting project I have ever knit! I love it so much. Here’s the sneaky picture: Yo Em, what the hell … Continue reading

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