Despite my lack of activity around here of late, I have actually been knitting. Far too mcuh in fact. My right elbow is now protesting, I idiotically kept knitting through the slightly tingly-numb phase, and am into a full on ache now – when will I learn?!

Anyway, before the ache kicked in I managed to finish a project. No, not the baby garment that should have been in the post last week, not the sweater for my mum who arrives in Canada this week (Woop!), not even the birthday present that is now overdue by a month (or more~!). Yes, as the temperatures in Ottawa hit 32 degrees and humid as hell, I completed a 100% wool cowl. My timing as ever is impeccable. But look how cool it is!

The pattern is Parallel Lines, from Lee Meredith’s remixed collection (yes, the wonderful designer we interviewed last month). The yarn is the gorgeous handspun Julianna gave me for Christmas (originally blogged here). A perfect pairing if I do say so myself… I just have to wait for the temperatures to plummet again so I can wear it for longer than 5 minutes……although it does look rather fetching with Emily’s red shades I think you’ll agree:

Look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes…..yep. my secret is out, I actually have four hands!

Points for this woollen wonder?

Well, it is an accessory, as well as being a new pattern to me so that’s 2.

Approx 150 yards of yarn knitted up (1.5 points),….so another 3.5 to my total. Still not catching up, but when my elbow is ready to play again……watch out!!!

While I’m here, and as the clock has just slipped past 8pm, I’ll announce the winner of our fabulous giveaway……the magic random number generator has spoken, and the winner from 168 comments is (drum roll please………………):

harpo716 says:
May 21, 2012 at 5:01 pm
wow you guys have some great things on the go! let’s see,,, I’m knitting Em’s test knit hat, a test knit sweater, some spinning and yarn dyeing…

Congratulations Lil, we’ll be in touch to organize a prize drop off soon!


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5 Responses to Parallelelelelelellel…

  1. Julianna says:

    You are so freaking cute!
    I love this cowl – the pattern is so cool and it looks great with the stripes in the yarn. It makes me so happy to see my handspun knit up!!!
    Congrats, Lil!!

  2. harpo716 says:

    WOW! I won! how exciting! and I didn’t think that today could get any better… 🙂
    thanks Ladies

  3. ematiszdesigns says:

    I love the cowl!

    And I am so pumped about Lil winning! So excited!

  4. irenicart says:

    i call it knitters elbow 🙂 (i’m pretty sure it’s really called carpal tunnel or repetitive motion syndrome or some such nonsense) and there is no learning for the obsessive knitter. no pain… no delightful sweaters 🙂

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