Julianna’s Design Prototypes

The concept for my design has been floating around in my head for months, now.

It started with the idea of a leaf.  After researching a bit about leaves on wikipedia, I found out that the leaf shape I was after was between linear and lanceolate.  The venation of the leaf in my imagination was pinnate.

Click here to see a great leaf morphology image on wikipedia, outlining different leaf shapes and characteristics.

At first, I couldn’t get my head around translating the image I had in my head into knitting.  I struggled with thinking about what stitch patterns to use and which increases and decreases.  Finally, I stopped thinking and started doing.  I picked up yarn and needles and knit a tiny version of a scarf.

It wasn’t quite right so I changed the yarn, gauge and stitch pattern and knit another one.  This one turned out to be less right so it made me appreciate the first one even more!

At that point I had a choice.  Was I going to stay in the research and development stage knitting tiny little leaf shapes forever, or was I going to take what I’d learned from the process and move on?  So, I took the plunge and picked up my needles and a skein of yarn and just started.

In the end, the scarf ended up looking less leafy and rather reptilian.  But that is a story for another day 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak of the finished product!

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About Julianna

Spinner, knitter, fibre-lover :)
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6 Responses to Julianna’s Design Prototypes

  1. amy j says:

    Love love love it! And am so close to starting decreases on my version – now need crappy weather so I can wear it too!

  2. harpo716 says:

    I love your idea of using leaves as your inspiration…

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