The Zen of Sock Knitting…

… I’ve been introspective lately. Life changes can do that to you.

I finished these socks a few weeks ago (and haven’t sewn in the ends until this morning).


These socks got me thinking…

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I have very distinct memories of her knitting socks. Long wool socks for my grandfather. Four needles clicking away, round and round and round. She usually had them stashed in her purse (along with the wet-naps, the tissues, and pens).

I turned my first heel when I was in university. I picked up some sock yarn on sale and some double pointed needles at the local Five and Dime store. I cast on, knit the ribbing, knit the leg — no problem. Then I hit the heel… what did all this jargon mean? I couldn’t figure it out. I checked all my knitting books, I read through the pattern over and over and over again. Nope, still didn’t make any sense. So I did what I always do when something doesn’t make sense. I called my Mom. Just hearing her voice brought tears to my eyes. I was BEYOND frustrated. And I’m Horrible when I’m frustrated. I could hear her smile. She talked me down, explained how to do turn the heel. And BOOM! it all made sense. It all worked out.

Thus began my obsession with socks.

I’ve taken a little bit of a break from my sock knitting. Now it is on and off. I rarely finish a pair and when I do they never match. I haven’t worn matching socks in years. I don’t think that I have since Mom started the mis-matched sock box in the laundry room when we were kids. It was way more fun to just reach in and grab two socks. I’ve also heard that wearing mis-matched socks is good luck. My new celeb crush Matthew Gray Gubler never wears matching socks either!

I refuse to wear matching socks!

If you happen to be a stickler for matching socks you have to check this out:


My fab friend Lillian has just gone public with her indy-dying business. She loves socks. She loves stripes. But they have to match. I love her use of colours and I love the theme of her yarns. I’m hoping that she is going to make a Degrassi High colour way… Just saying.

Wow. That’s a lot of writing about socks… I guess I should actually tell you about these socks!

The blue is Colinette Jitterbug #93 and the yellow yarn is Araucania Ranco #145. But what really matters are the points!

Socks: 2pts

Yardage 350 yds: 3.5pts

Stash: 1pt

Total: 6.5pts

which keeps me at the top!

The socks take a trip to the yarn shop (Yarns Etc in Ottawa)


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6 Responses to The Zen of Sock Knitting…

  1. Julianna says:

    Those are so freaking cute! I love the colours 🙂
    I am also in love with Lillian’s new yarns… I want some!!

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      I love them too. They sat on my coffee table for over a month with the ends sticking out! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish them.

  2. harpo716 says:

    fabulous socks Em!
    you Ladies all make me blush I could not have started my new endevour without the support of you guys and so many other friends and family

  3. amy j says:

    Love them! I’m beginning to think I may have to go back to wearing matching socks – now everyone seems to be wearing odd ones! In my day I was the only one! Maybe I should just be grateful I’ve found so many like minded people now!

  4. beautiful colours & looking so snuggy!!

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