Emily’s May Challenge Completed

May’s challenge is a design challenge. The girls and I discussed what kind of things we were inspired by. We discussed art, photography, music, colours, nature, and many many other things.

I am generally inspired by people. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have really great people surrounding me. I’m not sure what I have done to deserve it, but I will take them.

My family is the most important thing to me. I’ve been so lucky to have a great and loving family. My family inspires everyday.

I chose to use a person as my inspiration. I’ve just come out of a fairly difficult time in my life. I was down, I was grumpy, I was sad. When I feel like that, I always remember one person. My grandmother. She had a hard life. She was born in Hungary during World War One. She lived through the Depression. She was a nursing sister during the Second World War. She lived through the Hungarian Revolution. Then she came to Canada as a refugee and lived in poverty for most of her life.

She had blue eyes, high cheeck bones, a curvy figure, wild hair, and a kind smile. I was lucky enough to inherit all of these things from her. I would also like to think that I have inherited her strengh, patience, and grace.

Here is a photo of Gramma:

My Gramma, holding my syounger sister, Elizabeth

I know that the photo is lousy, but I love it. It was taken about 25 years ago (my sister turns 25 next week), then it was scanned into a computer, posted on facebook, then I downloaded it from there.

My Gramma was funny, she was cute, she was my hero. She couldn’t cook very well. Her English was never good. She was old — she died in her 90s about 6 years ago. But she lived through horror, terror and strife. And she survived. When I am down, I remember that I live in great apartment, in a great city, with food in my cupboards, with clothes on my back. If Gramma could make it through 2 wars, a depression, Communism, a revolution, and coming to Canada with nothing, I can survive anything.

I found some blue yarn (the same colour of her eyes) in my stash. I found a cool retro stitch pattern in my retro stitch dictionary and I knew what I had to make:

It is a simple slouchy hat with an assymetrically placed lace panel. I love it! If my Gramma was a stitch pattern, it would be this. It just feels so Old World.

Here are the points I collected for this hat:

Hat = 1pt

Yardage: 150 yards = 1.5 points

Stash: 1 pt

Designing: 1pt

Sub total: 4.5

And we decided this month that we would double the points for finishing this challenge. So that gives me 9 points!

This one is for you, Gramma! Szeretlek!

I kind of look like her, don’t I?

I am planning on writing this design up. Does anyone want to test knit for me???


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12 Responses to Emily’s May Challenge Completed

  1. amy j says:

    What an inspiring lady! And a great hat too missus…..really pretty!

  2. harpo716 says:

    I love Grannie pictures like that!
    great hat Em! and I would love to test knit a hat for you… depending on what yarn you want used and when it’s due…

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      It uses DK weight. I probably won’t have the pattern fully written for another week or so. I’m not in a huge rush to release it.

    • harpo716 says:

      great! let me know… I may have some hand spun to try out by then…

  3. Julianna says:

    What a beautiful design! It was also great to hear the story behind the inspiration – it sounds like you grandmother was a wonderful lady.

  4. Ella says:

    Hey Em. Love your post.
    I’d happily test knit for you. I have lots of DK in my stash even some handspun that might work.

  5. annelise says:

    That was beautiful-thanks!

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