A visitor…

Now I live in a lovely neighbourhood, so I wasn’t too upset this morning when I found the back door ajar. That was until I noticed that someone had been rummaging through the book-shelves. Wierd. Hang on, who is that with their nose in a cook-book:

Surely anyone with a penchant for cook books and a tail that perky has to be friendly, right?

Yes! It’s Moomin-mama, come to cook up some lunch for me on this soggy May morning. She spent an age browsing, and finally decided on Snuffkin’s Thinking Bouillon, apparently she thinks I need a mental boost…..maybe she’ll add some secret Finnish ingredients from that snazzy looking hand-bag.

After a very hearty lunch, Moomin-mama and I spent the afternoon working on my spinning. Moomin-mama has experience spinning wool from Finnish sheep,  and provided me with lots of expert advice on how to make the most of this beautiful roving Emily dyed for my birthday.

I may have to get myself an apron like hers to keep the fibres of my trousers, stylish and practical.

Whilst Moomin-Mama has her afternoon siesta I’m taking this opportunity to blog about her visit. I am extremely curious to see what she has hidden in that hand-bag, even while she’s napping she’s holding on tight to it, and keeping both eyes open – very cautious!

Never heard of the Moomins? They are creatures created by the wonderful Tove Jansson, and appear in a series of beautifully illustrated books, as well as a couple of animated series I watched as a child, and you can now find on youtube.

Moomin-Mama was created from an incredibly detailed pattern you can find etsy, which comes with the accessories to create an entire family of Moomins. I used scraps of acrylic and found the pattern really easy to follow, lots of photos which is always helpful.


Toy/Accessory: 1 point,  Stash yarn: 1 point,  New pattern to me: 1 point.                 Yardage ~ 150yards, 1.5 points.           Total: 4.5 points

Oops, I think she’s waking up, the snoring has stopped anyway…..I’m hoping she’s going to give me some pointers this afternoon to help with the design challenge, but first a cup of tea!

Happy Wednesday everyone. x


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10 Responses to A visitor…

  1. SO CUTE!!! Do you know if a knitting pattern exists? Unfortunately I don’t know how to crochet 😦

    • amy j says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately most toy patterns are crochet as it is so much easier to make the shaping and have a strong form to the toy….it really is easy though, all single crochet so once you’ve got that sorted you can make amazingly complicated looking creatures all with the same skill……I did find a Moomin chart if you wanted to knit a picture instead of a cuddly toy though http://www.scribd.com/doc/15981515/Moomin-Chartdoc
      Good luck!

      • Thank you!! I do notice a lot more books for crocheted toys versus knitting toy books! Now I know why hahaha and thank you for the chart again!!!

  2. Julianna says:

    Great project, Amy! That moomin is super cute 🙂 I also love all of the accessories that go with it. They make it extra special.

    PS: I know a lot of spinners who use aprons make them reversible -one side light, one side dark depending on what kind of fibre they’re using at the time.

  3. ematiszdesigns says:

    So cute! So much personality! How can single crochet have so much character? I love it!

  4. This is so cute! I love Moomins (http://catastrophicfindings.wordpress.com/moomin-mania/) and wish I knew how to crochet. Have you made anything from the cookbook? I’ve had it for ages but haven’t gotten ’round to making anything yet.

    • amy j says:

      🙂 So glad to find a fellow moomin fan, and have just been reading a few of your posts on the matter…..how on earth anyone can claim Moomin’s are devilish is beyond me! I’ve made the fish pie, we made it for a camping trip, and then promptly left it behind….I’ve not been able ti face making it again as it was so horrendously horrible after I’d left it out for a week in the warm! Planning on making some of the cakes soon though!

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