Bella’s B-day

It was my niece, Bella’s, birthday recently so of course I had to knit her something.

After I gave her the presents (fingerless mitts and a headband), I scooted her outside and told her “Knitters do lots of crazy things and this is going to be one of them”.  One of my specialties is saying terrifying things to children, obviously.

I then proceeded to tell her that you can’t just take a picture of hand-knit mitts doing nothing (actually, you can and I probably should have done just that) and that we must create a situation involving her doing something with her hands  so that I could take pictures.

I spotted a pile of gardening equipment in my parent’s yard and chose the shovel.  Once Bella was all set in place she asked me, “Why would I be shoveling on the grass?”  Good question! 🙂  At the time, it seemed preferable to raking with no leaves on the ground.

Then we moved to the deck for the sweeping, much better and not as bright.

Then we had cake that I had decorated with smarties.  The end!

I’m being honest here – the cabled headband was knit long ago so I’m not going to count it for points.

The fingerless mitts were knit out of the same yarn as the headband: Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino plus I added a few stripes of Art-By-Ana Dreaming dk thrown in for fun.  Both projects were improvised by myself and there are no patterns for them.


0.5 points – yardage (had to be less than 50yds, I forgot to weight them)

1 point – mitts

1 point – stash

1 point – designed by me

3.5 points – Total

Ravelled here.


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9 Responses to Bella’s B-day

  1. amy j says:

    Woohoo! Glad to see you spreading the wacky photoshoot joy to the family as well! Awesome!

  2. ematiszdesigns says:

    She’s so cute! And even cuter wearing her knitwear!

  3. harpo716 says:

    great photos! I love getting odd looks when taking photos.
    I want that headband! let me know if you ever write it up…. 🙂

    • Julianna says:

      Thanks! She is a pro at making the “you’re crazy” face 🙂

      I will let you know… I knit it a loooooong time ago!


  4. annelise says:

    r u making me a cake for my birthday? that cake is beautiful as are the pressies!

  5. annelise says:

    Reblogged this on Annelisep's Blog and commented:
    my extremely talented sis once again

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