Remember back when Emily introduced the game-knitting challenge? Being a big fam of Lee Meredith I was very excited (I have three of her patterns on the needles at the moment, tragic isn’t it?). Well, along with a hat from her ebook, which I hope to have done very soon, I decided to branch out with the game-knitting idea.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity to combine my knitting with one of my other hobbies……yes, I have  obsessions other than knitting.

There, I said it out loud. Other obsessions do exist.

No, I didn’t choose zombie films, Zelda, or zany 80s movies, although I do have a fondness for all these things. Nope, on this occasion it was time to get the binoculars out. Yes dear readers, I am a bird-watcher.

Now  your first thought may be that I decided to knit some cute and fluffy birds for this challenge. And I have done this before, check out this sweet little injured pigeon for example:

But this wouldn’t have fulfilled the requirements of this challenge. I needed the birds to work for me, and thus I started paying close attention to the feathered visitors to my windowsill. I have four species which regularly visit my little birdie cafe, and I assigned each of them a colour.

Cheeky cockney house sparrows became dark brown, obvious really, the males in particular have dark brown markings. House finches became light brown. Yes, they are quite red, but the females are light brown, and red didn’t feature in the collection of Eco + yarn I wanted to use for this project.

The most frequent visitors are Black-capped chickadees, which I decided would be the bright blue I had left from Julianna’s Christmas present blanket. No, you are quite right, they are not bright blue. But since arriving in Canada, Chickadees have always made me nostalgic for Blue Tits back in England (yes, that is a valid bird name, not an excuse for me to drop more boobs into my posts!).

Lastly I had a beautiful pale blue, which could only be one bird – the nuthatch. Here is one of the pair that visit my windowsill regularly, on this occasion scuppered from his lunch by an invasion of zombie bunnies.

And so the knitting commenced. I chose a  pattern from Interweave knits, called the diminishing rib cardigan. Each bird that perched on the sill was noted down and became a new stripe on the cardigan…..yes, this meant a lot of colour changes which in turn meant a gazillion ends to weave in when I was done, but I think it was worth it……check it out:

Woop Woop! I’ll be honest, I swing from adoring it, to wondering if it is really just a striped monstrosity. Either way I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be turning up to any parties in the near future, only to bump into someone else wearing a cardigan knitted according to a pattern generated by the birds on a windowsill……although I’d be very happy to be proved wrong on this point!

Right, lets tot up some points….

Short sleeved sweater = 4 points.  New pattern to me = 1 point.

Yardage: 375grams = 717 yards = 7 points,  + 1 for stash and 1 for swatching.

New skills – I learnt a new tubular cast-on and cast-off for this one, so 2 there. I’ll blog about these at a later date as they are fab!

So that’s a total of 16, doubled with the game knitting bonus, to 32 – hoorah!!! Still not quite at the 200 mark, but at least I’ve gained some ground.

Big thanks to Emily and Julianna for the photo shoot help……oh, and if you want to make zombie bunnies of your own, the pattern is free on the fabulous Mochimochiland blog. And the cute pigeon? He was designed by the wonderful Alan Dart, it is another free one, but they ask for donations to an anti-bullying charity if you knit the pattern. A fab cause indeed.

Happy Thursday all. X


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temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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8 Responses to Tweet-tastic

  1. jadedknitter says:

    Love the sweater & the colours! I think it turned out rather well.

    But what is the patter for the fingerless gloves in the first picture? ^_^

    ~ Kay.

  2. Julianna says:

    And with that I am back in third place. I knew it was going to happen soon. Oh well, I enjoyed being on top while it lasted 😉

    The sweater is so cool, Amy! Like I said yesterday, I can’t believe you’re even doubting it. This was such a fun, creative idea!

    Very artistic photo shoot, lol!!

    • amy j says:

      You are such a sweetie pie! If only you’d known me back in my teaching days, when I wore plain boring colours all the time! I think I love it today…..we’ll see how I feel about ti tomorrow, I’m so fickle!

  3. ematiszdesigns says:

    I think this is the coolest of all the game knitting projects we have seen thus far this month! I love it!

    • amy j says:

      🙂 Thanks poppet! I loved it, especially the randomness of the stripes…..already planning what to do next, maybe something weather related.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    What a fun idea to use bird watching in your game knitting project. And I totally think weaving in the ends was worth it – the stripes are amazing!

    • amy j says:

      Thank you!!! I loved it, the number of times I’ve been distracted from knitting by cheeky birds on the windowsill, or been out birding and the colour or markings of a bird have triggered knitting ideas, and this time I actually combined them on prupose!

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