Glitter Zebra

I have finished another Game Knitting project for our April Challenge. I think that it might be the best Game Knitting project I have ever knit! I love it so much. Here’s the sneaky picture:

The 80's called. They want their zebra back!

Yo Em, what the hell is that? Other than AMAZING! Well, my dear readers, it is a scarf:

Long and winding road

Woah! Woah! That is pretty dang awesome.

I had SO much fun knitting this one! I guess I should let you all in the magic of this scarf.

I used two sock yarns that I had languishing in the stash. The tealy-blue metallic yarn is Biscotte and Cie’s Clair de Lune. I loved working with it and it softened up as soon as I washed it. The dove gray yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Footloose. It is one of my favourite yarns, not just because it has an awesome name, but because it is soft and bouncy and merino-y. Delicious!

Here is what I did. I cast on with the teal, knit 2 rows, switched to gray, knit 2 rows, repeat. When I hit my occurrence, I put in a short row. Just a simple wrap and turn (youtube video link). I didn’t bother to pick up my wraps on the next row, I’m just WAY too lazy for that and in garter stitch, it doesn’t make a huge difference (but trust me, if you are working in St. st you HAVE to pick up your wraps on the next row or it looks like garbage. It’s all in the video). Then I knit until I ran out of gray yarn.


Wonky angle. Headphone cords. Silly bathroom art.

I love it. And I love all the points it earned me!

Scarf = 1

Yardage 600yds = 6

Stash yarn = 1

Total = 8×2 (for challege multipler) = 16 points!

And one last pic for good measure (it is also my favourite bit).


What project are you totally in love with at the moment?


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10 Responses to Glitter Zebra

  1. Julianna says:

    Oh boy! I’m gonna have to really scramble to catch up to you now 🙂
    The scarf is gorgeous, I love it so much! The patterning is super cool and the colours are amazing.
    Unfortunately, I’m inbetween projects that I love right now. I’m in a bit of a slump and things just don’t seem to be working out with my knitting. I guess that just means I’ll have to cast on something new soon.

    • amy j says:

      If you need to scramble where on earth does that leave me?! It is beautiful Emily, I love it! May have to try one of these myself, which would mean that I’d directly copied both of you and your game knitting projects!
      Last place? Bottoms!

  2. yeah, that is pretty amazing. I want one too!

  3. jadedknitter says:

    I read the title and all I could think of was My Little Pony’s! Love the scarf. Sparkles! And congrats on the lead. ^_~

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      Darn! I wish that I had thought about My Little Pony! Although, in my mind they are always pink — I must have had the pink one when I was little.

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