Sunday Morning Stripes

What the hell is this?

It is no secret that I love stripes. They are so addictive! Here’s my latest striped project:

huge blanket

I just cast this off the other day! I love it. It’s a HUGE garter stitch stripey blanket. I make a lot of blankets. I’ve been giving them away for wedding presents. I don’t have anyone in life getting married in the near future, but I figure that I will stock pile it. Weddings come in waves, you know.

I used all my scraps in the cool colour family (greens, blues, greys) to create this blanket. I cast on about 300 stitches on 5mm circulars and knit three rows on garter stitch in each colour. So the blanket is reversible!


Blanket = 5

About 1800 yards = 18 points

Stash = 1

TOTAL: 24 points!

I’m not going to lie. The minute I cast this one off, I started another scrappy blanket project. This time it’s granny squares! I can’t wait to finish that one.

My favourite knitting and crochet projects are blankets. What is your go-to project?




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10 Responses to Sunday Morning Stripes

  1. amy j says:

    Last?! You bumped me to last?! Ouch…..hurts almost as much as my head does this morning! That blanket is beautiful missus, your friends will be proposing to each other just to bag it!…..and my go to project? Hmmm……will think on that one!

  2. Julianna says:

    OMG, that is gorgeous! The colours are so amazing! How did you choose the colour order? Random or planned?

    My go-to projects are hats but I’m trying to break free of that habit because I have waaaayyy too many šŸ™‚

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      It is totally random. I just picked the next ball out of the box. I think that it is pretty fab. It might not make it off the couch! I might need to keep it!

  3. Oh my goodness! I need to learn to knit! I haven’t done a blanket yet (I’m a crocheter), but it’s on my to do list. Recently I’ve been working on hotpads and actually just put up a tutorial on my own blog for an easy granny square pad. Oh but I want to do a blanket.. I think I must… I must…

    • ematiszdesigns says:

      You should! Crocheting a blanket is way faster than knitting it! You can totally use the same prinicple too. You could single or double crochet a few rows, then switch colours. It’s totally ADDICTIVE and each blanket is totally different.

  4. me a selfish knitter! keep the blanket! Because it is awesome. I looove it.

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