TV Hat

Amy in her element

Amy in her element

I finished my first “Game Knitting” project and I’m really happy about how it turned out!

In the comments the other day, Amy expressed a desire for a hat big enough to fit her – how could I refuse such a challenge? 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, her head is not actually that big, but I have found that I have a tendency to knit hats that are too small and often don’t fit me.  Most of the hats I knit seem to end up child-sized!

The two factors that helped in making this hat bigger than I usually make were the yarn’s fibre content (superwash wool, which stretches out quite a bit once it gets wet) and that I used some creative “extreme blocking” techniques.

My method for blocking this hat was to take a flat-bottomed tupperware container and wrap a towel around it before stretching the hat over it and leaving it to dry.  It worked beautifully and the hat looks great on Amy!  Huzzah!

Check out those decreases!

Check out those decreases!

This hat was knit using Lee Meredith’s game knitting base pattern, the “Five point hat” and Art-by-Ana’s Sock Garden yarn held double.

I made cables as the patterning in the hat to mark the occurrences of the TV shows I watched as I knit.  I haven’t been partaking in any TV marathons lately so this hat was knit while watching a variety of shows such as Bones, House, Game of Thrones, and Angel.  I used different occurrences for each show.

Cables are a bit of a tricky stitch pattern to game knit to, but Lee does a wonderful job walking you through the process of how to adjust your knitting in her e-book on the subject.  The book is well worth the money and I’m so happy I purchased it.  She has taken the time to thoroughly test out the patterns and concept and walks you through the process pointing out great tips and tricks to help make your projects successful.


1 point – hat

1.5 points – 140 yds (280 yds held double)

1 point – stash

1 point – cables

1 point – first time knitting this pattern

x 2 points – April challenge: game knitting

11 points – Total

My Ravelry project page for this hat.

I have an embarrassingly large love of television and am currently watching many TV shows.  So, today my question for the commenters is “what are you watching?”  Let us know what your favourite TV shows are and if you have any recommendations.  I’m always looking for something new to watch!  I’m currently watching Angel and a new-to-me show called Lost Girl (among many others, of course!)



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20 Responses to TV Hat

  1. harpo716 says:

    I love the hat! all the game knitting you guys have been doing is great! you’re inspiring me, I’m now thinking of working it into a pair of socks 🙂

  2. annelise says:

    So addicted to the vampire diaries right now & so is Peter-
    Great hat 2!

  3. marjorie says:

    I love the way the cables look! Beautiful hat.

  4. sockmonkery says:

    where were the photos taken? I haven’t seen that much zauberballs in one place! And an awesome hat to boot!

  5. pretttty. Is that yarns etc? 😛 I’m watching game of thrones!! and top chef canada haha. I’m in a lull of tv shows actually.

  6. ematiszdesigns says:

    I’ve been on a Buffy binge again! Lee has really great game knitting suggestions for the show. I’ve been trying a few out.

    (and yes, that is Yarns Etc).

  7. amy j says:

    I is one lucky girly! It is a fab fab hat, and I loves it! And cast on one exactly the same when I got home!

    • Julianna says:

      How is yours turning out? What yarn are you using? I’m so happy you like the hat 🙂

      • amy j says:

        Art by Ana, just like you – I am such a copy cat! Oh, and on the TV front, currently working my way through Jericho, Murder She Wrote, Treme, Firfely…..thinking about starting Twin Peaks again!

  8. hmully says:

    How much do I love that you’re watching Murder She Wrote?! We’re finishign up the Six Feet Under Series right now. Breaking Bad is next to come, Dexter, and so many more! We also just finished Veronica Mars. We’ve been watching a lot!

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