Boob-warmers and paddle-boarders…

Look how distracted and nonchalant I can look, impressive isn’t it?

Come on, if you factor in:

a) I’m sat balanced on the rickety wall of our (upstairs) balcony,

b) the camera is on self timer balanced on a cushion on a rocking chair,

c) I’ve just realised the gas-meter reader-man is looking up at me very confused from the street below, and

d) I’m essentially modelling a boob-warmer…..I think I look pretty composed!

Ok, I know you only really like the shots of me looking daft, and I hate to disappoint:

I’ve actually had this one finished for a while, but have been waiting for a suitable day to wear it. The pattern is a freebie called Ester on the fabulous Knitty website, you can find it here.  I knew I was going to make it when I read the first line of the pattern:

“I’m forever mentally undressing people.” Hmm…..not your average knitting pattern?

Unfortunately for you, the yarn I used, which is beautiful, is unavailable. It started life as Elsebeth Lavold Angora, in a funny yellowy weird colour. But has been over-dyed by a very talented lady to this lustrous green with hints of orange and burgundy. I love both the colour and the fabric. I’d not knitted with pure Angora before, it’s so so soft and warm.

Here’s a couple of shots of the back so you can see the cables in a bit more detail. Also, can you spot the paddle-boarder?

Personally I think it was a bit cold to be out on the river yesterday, wetsuit or not. Maybe he could use an Angora boob-warmer too?!

Anyway, on to the points….

Hmmm…..we don’t have a boob-warmer/shrug category, so I’m going with 3 for a vest. (If you think I’m being over-generous, argue your case below ladies!).

1 for swatching, 1 for a new pattern to me, and I’m going for 3 for cables.

And I used 7.5 skeins, which comes out as ~680 yards, so 7 points there.

So that’s 15 points, and a lovely snuggly shrug for springtime wear (I can’t call it a boob-warmer again or we’ll get far too many people turning up looking for a completely different type of blog!). Project link here.

Back to the game-knitting for me. Happy Thursday everyone. X


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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5 Responses to Boob-warmers and paddle-boarders…

  1. Julianna says:

    Beautifully done, Amy! You are the cable queen 🙂 This is a really cool pattern. I remember when you were knitting it I was having trouble imagining how it would all fold up and fit together. Very much like the baby surprise jacket in that way.

    • amy j says:

      Yep, I must admit I couldn’t picture how it was going to come together, some good schematics in the pattern though – just that my brain doesn’t work that way!

  2. Love the little shawl. Great colour and fit!

  3. ematiszdesigns says:

    5. You used “boob” 5 times.

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