Fraternal Twin Hat

My latest finished object was created from the leftover yarn from my mostly pink handspun hat.

The funny thing is that is hat has very little pink in it at all.  That’s just one of the unexpected joys of working with handspun yarn, I guess!

I’m really happy with how it turned out although I cast on fewer stitches and it is a pretty snug fit for me.  Thankfully I was able to find someone with a smaller head than mine to model it 🙂

To recap:  This hat was an improvised design using twisted ribbing for the brim and a combination of my handspun yarn using dyed merino from Fleece Artist and a mill-spun BFL/Alpaca/Silk blend from Belfast Mini Mills.

If you ever get out to PEI do yourself a favour and visit the mini mills!  It is a knitting and spinning paradise.  They have a wide selection of yarn and fibre in unusual blends that they make at the on-site mill and they even have quiviut yarn and fibre.


1 point – hat

1 point – stash

1.5 points – approx. 130 yds

3.5 points – Total

Thanks to Christina for modelling for me!

Ravelry project page


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Spinner, knitter, fibre-lover :)
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13 Responses to Fraternal Twin Hat

  1. ematiszdesigns says:


    • Julianna says:

      It’s kinda small… I’ll bring it on Thurs and you can try it on 🙂

      It just looks big on Christina cause she wears kids hats usually, lol.

  2. amy j says:

    You two make the most fantabulous hats…..I think one of our monthly challenges is going to have to be ‘knit Amy a hat that fits her ridiculously large noggin!’. Love it Julianna.X

  3. I love it!! I wish that the yarn wasn’t handspun so I could buy it right now! My wallet is glad it is though.

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