Spring has sprung!

April’s challenge (check it out here) has been my favourite to date. I’ve been addicted to Game Knitting since I first heard about it about a year ago. I love the randomness of it. I love the chaos. I love letting the universe decide how my knitting will come out. Addictive. It lends itself nicely to hats, as well. And we all know that  I am addicted to hats. Check out my latest Game Knitting creation.

So pretty. So pink!

I whipped up this hat with an oddball from my stash. I’m not even sure what the yarn is. It is a DK weight wool. I’m pretty sure it is a superwash merino, judging by the way it grew when I blocked it out.

I have an addiction to Criminal Minds (hmmm. Matthew Gray Gubler is soooooo cute) and since I have a ton of time on my hands right now, I’ve started watching the show through again. I picked “unsub” as my occurrence. This means that every time one of the characters said the word “unsub”, I added an eyelet to my hat. I somehow, ended up watching a few episodes that barely used the word, so my hat doesn’t have too many eyelets.



Hat = 1

Yardage (about 100yds) = 1

Stash = 1

Total = 3

Since this is Game Knitting month I receive double points!


Tiny beret

I can’t wait to see what Julianna and Amy are cooking up this month!



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5 Responses to Spring has sprung!

  1. Julianna says:

    Awesome! That yarn is gorgeous. I’ve got to get going with my game knitting!

  2. amy j says:

    I love it! And I feel a firefly marathon coming on today so may make progress on my first game-knitting project…..although I am going to have to block the bejeebus out of it to get it to fit!

  3. I’ve never done any game knitting, but It sounds fun! The hat is super cute, I love pink 😉

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