Age of Brass and Steam

I happened upon another Rumbler this afternoon, and she agreed to pose for me for a little impromptu photo shoot.  Thanks, Emily!

After I took the photos I mentioned that this project will propel me into first place and she wasn’t too happy about that.  Her exact phrasing was “Why am I helping you, then!?”, lol.  I don’t expect my lead to last for too long, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can 🙂

When I was trying to figure out what to do with my skein of “old copper” hand-dyed yarn, I came across a simple triangle shawl pattern called “the age of brass and steam kerchief” by Orange Flower.  Unbelievably, the yardage requirement for this shawl is about one 100g skein of dk weight yarn (230-240 yds)!  My skein had a generous yardage of 275 yds so I added an extra stockinette section to the bottom of the shawl and had just enough yarn leftover to bind off with.  The yarn I used also contains alpaca and silk, two really drape-y fibres, so I knew that I would be able to stretch the size of the shawl even more when I blocked it.

This photo is the closest in colour to the actual yarn

The yarn I used for this project has a feel of copper when it is exposed to the elements and develops a green patina.  The overall colour of the skein is green with hints of orange-brown.  When I re-discovered the Age of Brass and Steam pattern, I thought that the two just went together and that it was a perfect match of pattern and yarn.

Points tally:

2 points – simple shawl

1 point – stash

1 point – first time knitting this pattern

1 point – yarn dyed by me

2.5 points – 260 yds

x2 points – March Monthly Challenge

15 points – Total

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12 Responses to Age of Brass and Steam

  1. annelise says:

    Guess id better get yur bday wool in the mail to u soon!

    • Julianna says:

      hahaha, and I’d better get a hat in the mail for you! I tried to put it in with the easter chocolate mom sent the other day but she wouldn’t wait for me to get the hat from my place!

  2. ematiszdesigns says:

    I can’t believe you tricked me into posing for that photo! You told me you were taking the lead AFTER I let you take a picture of me and use my camera!

    Seriously though, it is the coolest yarn I have ever seen. The colour is AMAZING!

  3. amy j says:

    Woop Woop! Congratulations, both on thé scarf and thé lead! Hoorah!

  4. I love the beautiful green color!

  5. Oh snap, julianna is in the lead! Haha good job 🙂 I love this and i think the pattern and the yarn DO go perfectly together, it’s great.

  6. That green colour is fantastic!

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