The adventures of Yoshi…..

Yoshi found a new pipe to explore in Super Mario World this morning, and to his surprise it led to Ottawa:

Not one to pass up the chance to explore new territory, Yoshi set off to see what he could find…..maybe a watermelon or two, maybe he’d even meet a princess. He started off by shimmying up a tree, best to survey the lay of the land from above:


What’s this? Yoshi has a strange tingling in his tail, he senses danger, maybe Bowser has explored this pipe too…….

Over there, definitely signs of wanton destruction….

It’s OK Yoshi, just the remains of Mr. Beavers dinner. Nothing to worry about. At least, I don’t think Mr. Beaver is keen on dino-snacks anyway……maybe you should explore the icy waterfall kingdom, see if you can find a fair maiden to rescue….



Wow Yoshi, that’s one shivery kingdom. And you without your toque or thrummed mittens as well, what a brave dino you are……ooh, that tingling sensation is back…..more danger ahead?



Oh Yoshi, you do look bashful, or is nerves?

Nope, you’re right, definitely not a Princess, but beggars can’t be choosers my little green friend.


Bottoms, he’s run all the way back to his pipe and back to Mario World……was it something I said?

Ho hum…….well better tot up the points then.

Small toy: 0.5 points.   New pattern to me: 1 point.   Stash: 1 point.

Yardage ~150yards = 1.5 points.   Total: 4 points.

You can make yourself a Yoshi to play with by following the instructions on Robotrish’s blog. I found them very clear, with great shaping for minimum effort.

Rav project link here.

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temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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4 Responses to The adventures of Yoshi…..

  1. The Modern Home Economist says:

    This is soooooo cool! What a greeat project. Did you design him yourself or follow a pattern. My vote is that you make Mario next 🙂

    • No, my designing talents aren’t up to that yet, there’s a link to the pattern in the post….she’s done a few I think, really clear instructions too! Mario features a fair amount in our household!

  2. Ryan H. says:

    I think he took a wrong turn in the pipes. He’s here! And now he’s mine, mine, mine. Don’t worry, though, I’ll treat him well. 🙂


    • Oh those pesky pipes, you never know where you’ll end up! Well, as long as you keep him fed up on watermelon, and he has daily hugs I’m sure he’ll survive!
      My pleasure Ryan. X

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