X-treme Knitting!

Well, time for the last of my road-trip projects, on the face of it a pretty straight-forward knit, a plain sock, knit with self-striping yarn for maximum stripey fun with minimum effort. I used Paton’s Kroy, a very nice reliable sock yarn….

Bored yet?

Well, this sock, despite the ease of the pattern and the laziness of the yarn, came on an adventure with me. While on my travels down South, I booked myself a flying lesson on a whim (and a healthy dose of sunstroke). When I turned up at the lesson, I asked the instructor whether it would be OK to bring my camera, GPS etc, but kept quiet about the little bag of knitting I had with me – I didn’t want him to confiscate my needles!

So, we took off, and he gave me the controls. Yep, no waivers to sign, no instructions whatsoever. I may have squeaked a little, and my knees got a little sweaty. I asked for further advice.

“If you go too low, you start bumping into things”.     Perfect.

After five minutes of not bumping into things, I felt it was the right time to broach the fact that I had smuggled knitting needles onto the plane. To say my instructor was confused would be an understatement. But he was also a good sport and enthusiastically agreed to photograph me working on my sock at 1400ft:

He took five or six shots before he had one he was pleased with.

At which point, we realized that no-one was flying the plane.  Ho hum.



The sock was finished in less exciting environs, on the long long drive back from Florida. I did have to make use of a makeshift measuring device as my tape measure was buried in the back of the car somewhere. Turns out my foot is 1 3/4 postcards long.



And here we have my beautifully seductive stripey sock finished:

Pretty fab hey?


1 point for one sock.

Yardage: 166 yards (I used every last yard!): 1.5 points

So yes, despite my amazing aeronautical adventures, a measly 2.5 points! Oh well, another sock to add to the pile so worth every stitch. Rav project link here.


Don’t forget to enter our Sweet Paprika Giveaway, it’ll take you two minutes, and the patterns up for grabs are fabulous!



About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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2 Responses to X-treme Knitting!

  1. You are very brave to knit while travelling. I get too much motion sickness. Cute socks!

  2. Julianna says:

    Awesome knitting adventure! How did it feel to fly the plane?? Sounds amazing…

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