Heeding Emily’s advice…..

I paid close attention to Emily’s recent post regarding taking good self-portraits. This morning I grabbed another of my road-trip projects, my wingspan scarf, and headed for the woods.

When I left Ottawa on my holidays, the snow was still piled fairly high, and there were temperatures of -18 forecast. On return ten days later, spring has sprung, the shoots are coming up and the snowbanks are clearing at an alarming rate. It was foggy this morning, and the light wasn’t as bright as I usually like for photographing knitwear, but I figured we’d give it a go…and then I managed to find one of the few remaining patches of black ice and went down A-over-T on the concrete.

So here I am heeding Emily’s advice and trying out a new facial expression, I call it ‘ouch my bottom hurts’! And my knee, and my playground-style grazed elbow.


Scarf looks good though doesn’t it?!



Once I’d milked the sympathy situation for all it was worth, I managed to grab a couple more shots, here is the full glory of the Wingspan in a tree, the pattern really does show off the great colour transitions of the Jawoll Magic Degrade yarn to its fullest:

Gorgeous hey?!  And how about a close up of it being worn? Here you can see that I’ve yet again heeded Em’s advice, this photo excludes any areas of my face/body I may have girly-paranoias about:

hmmmm……shame I forgot to wipe the toothpaste from around my mouth though!!!

Points? Let me see…..

Simple scarf – 1 point.    Stash – 1 point.    Yardage ~ 480 yards – 4.5 points.

New pattern to me – 1 point.    It’s a freebie, and the designer has also collected ideas for variations so you can play on the theme. Ravelry link here.

Total: 7.5 points.

I’ll leave you with a grotesque injury shot, just to show the lengths I’ll go to for a good knitwear photo:

You can tell it is a serious graze, because Paul thought it warranted sharing his special pirate plasters…..

And if you think you’re getting a photo of my bruised bottom, I’m sorry to disappoint, this is not that sort of blog!


Happy weekend everyone. X


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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2 Responses to Heeding Emily’s advice…..

  1. Julianna says:

    Oh no! You hurt yourself 😦
    Love the scarf, maybe I should knit one. Hmmm…

  2. ematiszdesigns says:


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