Guest knitter….

George by amy jane

I received an email chock full of photos this week, from a friend back in England. It appears the knitting bug has finally hit him (it comes to us all!), and he’s been beavering away, first with his fingers, then pencils, and then graduating to needles…..I interviewed him so we could share his progress with the rest of you:

James, what first inspired you to take up knitting?

An orange knitted squeaking fish that I received a few years back and I fancied a challenge.  (-Amy: that’ll be one of my earlier toy creations, ravlink here).

Are you a closet knitter or have you been knitting in public?

Closet although I did by some knitting needles from Wilkos(*) the other day so I’d say the cat is probably out of the bag?   (* A shop a bit like dollarama for our non-british reader!).

Favourite TV/Music/Film to knit with?

The Indian Doctor on the Iplayer and Radio Plymouth

Next project?

I have started a scarf using needles, I’m going for the rugged look though, there are a couple of larger than normal holes, but I’m a student so should be able to pull it off 🙂 I may try something that involves something other than straight lines at some point. 

Does the sock puppet/home-made toy have a name? He’s adorable!!!

The puppet is called Steve and I made him in my last Design Tech. lesson. I’ve also made a crossbow and a Tardis in those lessons. Uni life = Very hard 🙂 haha (James is currently at Uni, training to be a primary school teacher, he’s going to be fantastic!).

And in true Knittersrumble style, James has properly familiarised himself with the points system and awarded himself the following:

Simple scarf                                                                = 2points
Accessory (bracelet)                                                  = 1 point
Yardage (way too much than i probably needed) = 1/2 point
New Technique
Finger knitting                                                          = 1point
Casting on                                                                  = 1point
Basic knit bind off                                                     = 1point
Pencil – continental stitch                                        = 1point
New pattern = not really sure but original            = 1point
Colourwork- RED                                                      = 1point

Total Points ======= 9.5 points

Now, at some point I will explain colourwork to James properly – but for now I’m letting it slide as he’s made such a fabulous start – looking forward to seeing the scarf James….you’ll be knitting sweaters before you know it!


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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2 Responses to Guest knitter….

  1. ematiszdesigns says:

    This is the cutest thing that I have ever seen!

    Well done James!

  2. Julianna says:

    Amazing! Keep up the good work, James 🙂

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