Mostly Pink Merino Handspun Yarn

Mostly pink handspun detail

This yarn was a little treasure I found laying around in my yarn stash.  I discovered the singles rolled into a ball and I could barely remember spinning them or what the wool had looked like before it was spun up!

I believe it came from a braid of fleece artist-dyed merino wool.

It is mostly pink, but with some other colours thrown in – like, blue, grey, yellow, and brown.

The singles were spun fairly thin and when I plyed up the yarn it came out to a sport-ish weight in thickness and about 180 yds (50g).  I navajo-plyed it (again!) to keep the colour changes intact, and it looks like I’ll be getting a nice striping effect from the yarn with a wide swath of pink at one end of the ball.

My plans for knitting this yarn are already starting to form, though they are not set in stone 🙂  I am thinking of pairing it with a cream yarn from my stash that is a similar thickness and making a hat and mitts set.  I want to keep it simple and just stripe the two yarns together, but who knows, I may make things a little more complicated if another idea catches my fancy!

Mostly pink merino handspun yarn

Handspun  Yarn Points:

5.5 points – 540 yds of singles

1 point – plying

1 point – spun on the drop spindle

7.5 points – total

Mostly pink cakeI am trying to finish another project before I cast this one on!

This may be a good thing because I’m still not sure about what exactly I’m going to do with it and am waffling over what size needles to use.

I couldn’t help but wind this yarn as a cake!  I’m currently using it as motivation to finish things so that I can cast on with it.  Handspun is good for that 🙂

I’ll leave you with a photo of this yarn on one of my fabulous birthday presents – a niddy noddy customized by Amber.  She stained it with one of my favourite colours, I love it!

Handspun on my new niddy noddy


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6 Responses to Mostly Pink Merino Handspun Yarn

  1. Annelise says:

    maybe u could knit something for your sister with it?

  2. apparently, she loves those colours!

  3. omg-i have multiple personalities!

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