Handspun Hicky Dicky

This is a silly little project that was the perfect use for an unknown amount of handspun yarn.

This yarn was an early handspun yarn of mine that I discovered in my stash hand-wound around a toilet paper roll 🙂

It was originally a braid of merino wool hand-dyed by Fleece Artist.  The yarn is a 3-ply (navajo ply).

I was hoping to have enough yarn to knit a hat, but I ran out!  So, I cast off.  It turned out to be a smallish neckwarmer/cowl and can also double as a headband of sorts.

Amber graciously modeled this knit both ways:


Handspun yarn Points:

3 points: 100 yds (approx.) so, 300 yds of singles, 1 point: plying, 1 point: spun on a drop spindle

Knitting Points: 

1 point: cowl, 1 point: 100 yds, 1 point: stash

8 points: Total

The hicky dicky is a very versatile accessory.  If you can think of any other uses for it, please share them in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you!! 🙂


Ravelry project page



About Julianna

Spinner, knitter, fibre-lover :)
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2 Responses to Handspun Hicky Dicky

  1. amy j says:

    There is something most fantabulous about the name ‘hicky dicky’….

  2. ematiszdesigns says:

    I love the headband idea! Might have to knit one for my giant hair!

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