I’m beavering away on my Trillian, languishing far behind the other two ladies who already have serviceable sized scarfs. Mine might serve as a dishcloth so far (if it wasn’t so pretty!).

Anyway, in the meantime I have also been working on a couple of fishy hats along with a less quirky one too, all of which are gifts so I can’t share them yet! Which leaves me with:

A jazz cow! Just finished this, timely as it is on its way to a gig this evening and is a gift for the organisers. The boyfriend and I have been going to IMOO gigs for a year now, and have witnessed a huge range of weird and wonderful music. This little friend (who is currently nameless) is to say thank you for the entertainment, he is even sporting a yellow IMOO t-shirt, just like the ones we have!

He looks like he’d be a fan of accordions to me, we’ll find out at the gig tonight.

On to the points….

Toy: 0.5 points

Yardage: 0.5 points

Stash: 1 point

Design: 1 point. Improvised from previous experience with amigurumi.

Total: 3 points.    I need all the help I can get, as there is no way I’ll be earning any multipliers on the monthly challenge!


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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2 Responses to Meanwhile….

  1. Julianna says:

    So cute!! How did the recipients react when they saw him? Did he get a name yet?

  2. amy j says:

    They loved him! He was introduced to the crowd at the concert, and danced along with the music……there were mutterings of a naming competition but not sure if that’ll happen or not!

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