Impromptu Trillian-Along

The three of us had been planning to have “Monthly Challenges” included in our knitting competition and our first one is for this February!

We had actually planned to knit-along with another pattern, but last week we were all compelled to cast-on Trillians, so we decided to dedicate this month’s challenge to the pattern.

All of us have knit this pattern before and love the result!

Trillian (rav link) by Martina Behm is an asymmetrical triangular scarf/shawl that can be worked up in a skein of sock yarn and looks great in all sorts of colour variations.  We love to find a good pattern for variegated yarn!

Another bonus of this pattern is that it can work with a variety of amounts of yarn.  When you have a certain % of yarn left, or when you feel the scarf is big enough, you can start the edging and cast off.

Martina’s first design using this slanted triangle shape was Hitchhiker (rav link).  Now, she has four patterns all in that similar style with different edgings that are available in an e-book (rav link).

Points for the Monthly challenge:

Project points will work the same way as normal projects.

In addition, we will earn one extra point for completing the project in the allotted time (in this case, by the end of February).

Multipliers will also be applied to the total number of project points in this manner:

-The first person to finish will get their project points multiplied x3.

-The second person to finish will get their project points multiplied x2.


About knittersrumble

We are three crazy knitters who are embarking on a competitive knitting adventure.
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