Midnight BFL Handspun and what do do with extra singles

Midnight BFL

Midnight BFL

This is the second braid of BFL that I have spun from Turtlepurl dyed fibre.

This time, I decided to spin and ply it a bit more loosely in order to make a yarn that was more on the side of “drape” rather than “sturdy” as I am thinking of using it for some sort of scarf eventually.

It is a two-ply with the colours mixed randomly.  At about 4 oz and 300 yds, it turned into a rather fluffy dk weight or thinner yarn.

Midnight BFL Handspun Yarn

Midnight BFL Handspun Yarn

Points for Midnight bfl handspun:

6 points – 600 yds of singles

1 point – plying

7 points – total

What to do with leftover singles on the bobbin after plying?

Amy asked me a great question the other day about plying two bobbins of singles and I thought I’d share my method here.  She wondered what do do about leftover yarn on the bobbin after plying a yarn (it’s pretty much inevitable that one bobbin will have more yarn on it than the other).

I like to use up every last bit of yarn (one of the reasons I love navajo plying so much!).  So, when one of my bobbins runs out of singles, I Andean ply the singles remaining on the other bobbin so that I can access both ends of yarn.  I then overlap the end to secure it, creating a one or two inch area in the yarn that is actually a three-ply.  I can continue plying from the Andean yarn bracelet that is now on my wrist instead of from the bobbin.  This method works best where there aren’t too many yards leftover on the other bobbin.

I’ve seen a some other great ways to deal with extra handspun singles online and here are a few of my favourites:

-Leslie from The Knit Girllls recently posted a video of her method which entails winding that extra yarn into a cake on a ball winder and plying it on itself seperately.  Her thinking is that if you are knitting your handspun and run out of yarn, you will have this mini skein as insurance.

-PA Knit Wit describes on her blog that she winds those leftover singles onto a separate bobbin and when it’s full navajo plys the whole thing together into a random, scrappy skein.

If you have any creative ideas about using up leftovers, please share them in the comments!

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2 Responses to Midnight BFL Handspun and what do do with extra singles

  1. amy j says:

    Oh so beautiful, and such a great post missy – you are so knowledgeable, thank you for sharing!

  2. Julianna says:

    Thank you!! I hope it’s helpful 🙂

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