I’m a stripe-junky. I love them! I can’t get enough of them. Vertical. Horizontal. Diagonal. LOVE THEM!

I’ve been madly in love with Veera Valimaki’s Stripe Study Shawl for a long time (I’ve even made one before, but I gifted it to my Step-Mom — Hi Kathy!)

So big I can't even get a good picture of it.


I used some boring pale grey sock yarn from my stash and Art-by-Ana Sock Party Cake, that the wonderful Ana gifted to me for my birthday this summer.
This is love. This is what stripes are supposed to be. This is what knitting should always be. Goregous and fun to knit. The pattern is awesome (and I will be tempted to cast another one on… right now) and the yarn was even better. Ana has amazing skills at dying. This Party Cake was perfect. It was a pale pink to mid-blue gradient. And she hit all my favourite colours in between.
It looks even better on:

Matches my purse!

The boy  and I walked down the Rideau Canal today (it is finally open again) to take this shot. I know that I should have been wearing a hat, but I was way too excited about this project!
But here is why we are all here — THE POINTS:
Simple Shawl = 2pts
750-ish yards = 7.5pts
Stash = 1pt
TOTAL: 10.5pts.
I’m still not anywhere near Amy, *grumble*.
I’ll now leave you with the words of Joni Mitchell, in her awesome song All I Want: “I want to knit you a sweater. Want to write you a love letter. Want to make you feel better.”

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2 Responses to Stripes!

  1. Julianna says:

    I’m so happy you finished up this project – it looks GREAT! Seriously amazing 🙂 A great use of a party cake. And a great use of a boring-ish yarn to use as contrast.

    Boring-ish sock yarns definitely have their place – I am currently looking through my stash for one to go with some noro in a spectra.

  2. ematiszdesigns says:

    It so much better now than the last time you saw it. I really milked out almost every yard of the Party Cake!

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