Bad pairings….

It is no secret that I love fish and chips. In a slightly obsessive way some may say. I am also very partial to Marmalade (in particular my Mum’s homemade variety!). However, although I confess I haven’t tried them in tandem, it’s fairly clear that the results wouldn’t be too favourable.

What am I going on about? Well when I started this project, it seemed that knitting Jared Flood’s beautiful Grove mittens, with the equally beautiful Punta Handpainted yarn was a match made in heaven. The yarn is soft, with a great depth of colour and great stitch definition.The pattern is quirky and interesting, with delicate leafy details created with twisted stitches.

The two were not a good pairing. At least not with the colourway I had chosen, which was just too busy, distracting the eye from the pattern you worked so hard to create. As the yarn was chosen to match a cowl I had already made, the only solution was to frog back and rework the hands of the mittens in good old stockinette. I did keep the cuffs from the original pattern, and will definitely be returning to work the pattern as a whole, but with a ‘plainer’ colourway next time.

Points: 3.5 total.

Accessories: 1 point

Yardage: 150 yards = 1.5 points

Cables: 1 point. The right twist cables on the right mitt were a pain, but I love that the cuffs swirl in opposite directions on each mitten.

Ravelry project link.


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