hats, hats, hats

Mindless knitting

I promised my sister that I would make her some hats. They aren’t very difficult, great for knitting while watching hockey or on the phone with my many family members.

They are just basic hats (one slouchy, one beret, one beanie). I used left over from various projects.
Here’s the breakdown:
hat = 1pt
100yds (ish) = 1pt
stash = 1pt.
So each hat is 3 points. I’ve knit 3 of them in the last two weeks, giving me another 9 points. Which is good, because Amy is catching up to me and that makes me very nervous! I know she has some big projects that are nearly done and I fear that my lead will diminish! I have a confession: I’m REALLY competitive and I hate losing (I think that it is a hold over for being #4 of 5 children).
I promise that I will now stop updating multiple projects in one post. I promise that I have some fun projects coming up in the near future!
Keep on trucking!

About emilymatiszdesigns

Knitter. Designer. Custom order fiend.
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5 Responses to hats, hats, hats

  1. Julianna says:

    Trying to solidify your lead, eh? We’ll see about that…

    • Dad says:

      Come on Julianna! Pick up your pace and select projects that will give you more points.
      Your work and your friends’ work is superb!

      • ematiszdesigns says:

        Don’t worry Julianna is going to catch up! I know that she is plotting something good… She’s a sneaky one!

        Also, thanks for the compliment!

      • Julianna says:

        Thanks Dad, lol! I will just have to learn how to knit faster. Maybe we can have a strategy session and plot out my next projects 🙂

  2. amy j says:

    Only 10cm of seam left Emily…..I’ll be picking up stitches round the neck this evening…..watch out, here I come!

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