Forrest-y yarn and Points for Handspun yarn

Handspun BFL yarn

Forrest-y secret yarn

Yes, handspun yarn counts as a finished object and will earn points!  Hurray!

BFL handspun – dyed by turtlepurl


5 points – 485 yds of singles (161 yds 3-ply)

1 point – plying

1 point – spun on the spindle

7 points – total

I have been working on this yarn for a while and as it was to be a present for Amy, I had to keep quiet about it!   The colours were dyed by Turtlepurl onto a “mixed” heathered grey Blue Faced Leicester wool so the colours have a beautiful depth to them.  I spun it and plied it on my drop spindle.  The yarn was navajo-plied, so it is a 3-ply self-striping yarn.  I love the colours and can’t wait to see what Amy makes with it!

Blue Faced Leicester handspun

Blue Faced Leicester handspun

Handspun Points Breakdown:

Yardage points for handspun count for the same as regular projects: every 100 yards = 1 point.  The yardage is calculated based on the singles.

Extra points are given for preparing the fibre – 1 point each for washing fleece, carding, and dyeing.  Bonus spinning points are also available for plying the yarn (1 point) and spinning it on a drop spindle as opposed to a wheel (1 point).

Once a yarn is spun and posted it has earned its own points, it will earn the knitter no more points related to being handspun in the project it’s being used in.  It will only earn the knitting yardage points a regular yarn would get in a project.

Retro points are available for projects knit with stashed handspun (yarn that was spun before the challenge started).  In this case, spinning yardage points with only be awarded to account for the yarn used for that project.


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2 Responses to Forrest-y yarn and Points for Handspun yarn

  1. amy j says:

    🙂 I am such a lucky girl!!!! And I can’t wait to see what I make either, just have to persuade myself as I can see it sitting waiting for the ‘perfect’ project forever, so so pretty!

  2. Julianna says:

    It’s so cool that we got each other for secret santa 🙂

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