Secrets revealed.

I am amazed that I managed to keep quiet about this project, as I was so so pleased when I finished it. I couldn’t even draft my post about it as it was a gift for fellow blogger Julianna, and it didn’t get gifted til today! (I wish I could say that was the last of my Christmas presents sorted, but I still have at least two on the needles, good job my friends are patient!!!!).

Anyway, this blanket started off as 1.5 skeins of beautiful Cascade Eco +, and a week later became this crumpled mess:

The little flecks of colour you can see are markers. I labelled the blanket after each bout of TV knitting, so when it was finished it was like the rings on a tree telling its age. I started the blanket with me-TV, and transitioned to  Julianna-TV as a tribute to the giftee….

So this blanket comes from:

Two episodes of Murder, She Wrote,   The Biggest Loser, Into eternity (documentary about disposal of nuclear waste, way better than it sounds), A bond double bill at The Mayfair (Goldfinger and Thunderball, finished the first ball in the interval), two episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Bones, and Sherlock.

To make sure it was truly ready for Julianna, I completed the last round whilst watching Star Trek TNG, last episode of season 1 (Riker without a beard), and then cast off to season 2, episode 1 (Riker with a beard).

Blocking took a fair amount of pins, and the use of the futon mattress for a couple of days, but was definitely worth it:

I used a length of yarn to work out the radius of the centre petals, and then blocked them all to the same distance.





So all that was left was a snowy photo shoot. I gave up the first day (it was -23 and my fingers froze!), but am pretty pleased with this one, taken at Rideau Hall, with only a couple of passers-by to gawk at the strange woman posing a blanket on a snow bank!

Points total: 17

Blanket: 5

Yardage: 697 yards = 7 points

New pattern to me – 1 point.  The pattern is the hemlock ring blanket, adapted by Jared Flood  from a doily pattern.

Lace – 4 points. (After discussion with the others, the feather and fan is a breeze but the ‘holes’ in the centre were a tad fiddly).

Yay! And I completely lucked out as Julianna gifted me the most beautiful handspun (so beautiful that I didn’t even realise it was handspun!), which she had better show off on here pronto!




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3 Responses to Secrets revealed.

  1. Julianna says:

    Yay!! I was blown away by this gift, Amy! You did an amazing job on it and I absolutely loved the colour choice as well 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

    I will reveal my secret handspun tomorrow probably.

  2. ematiszdesigns says:

    Bah! I must knit like crazy today. I don’t like the fact that my lead is so narrow!

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