Creeping up one point at a time….

As I said in my profile on the players page, you are most likely to find me making cuddly toys, or fish hats….and todays points come from both.

First a swift two points for this little owly fellow, super quick to make. Here he is snuggled up in some super soft baby alpaca:

0.5 pts for yardage, and 0.5 for toy, and one for first time using the pattern.

The pattern is from ‘More cute little animals to crochet’ by Amy Gaines.

Followed by – a fish hat for a cuddly hippo:

I have two full-sized fish hats on my once-you-finish-those-sweaters-you-can-cast-on-something-else-list. But this one snuck in as it only took a couple of hours. Not quite as fiddly as I feared, I’ve knit this pattern so many times now that I managed to wing it, using sock yarn and 2.25mm DPNS. I even managed to crochet some tiny eyes, using embroidery thread. Photos of the hat in situ on the hippos head to follow.

Points: 1 total.   0.5 for yardage, 0.5 for toy.

Oh, and while I’m here, apparently I’m due some extra points for knitting with my handspun – hoorah! So an extra 2.5 winging it on the total (Julianna’s going to explain the spinning points in an upcoming post)

…..Emily I’m coming to get you!!!


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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