Bring Back the Granny Square.

It is my goal in life to bring back the Granny Square. I’m not joking. I’m being ironic. I totally 100% serious. I think that Granny Squares (must be capitalized) are the coolest freaking things ever. I’ve been obsessed with them for years. I just can’t get enough!

This post, is not only to boost my points (and maintain my lead), but also to show off how cool Granny Squares can be.

Almost didn’t mail this off

I made this hat for my brother’s girlfriend. She’s so cool! This pattern (one of my actually) is called Granny Slouch. Here’s the point breakdown:

hat = 1 pt
100 yards = 1pt
stash = 1pt
design = 4pts
TOTAL: 7pts!
But wait… there is another one to post!
Best hat ever!

I made this hat for a sample of my friend Ana’s new yarn Dreaming DK (this is a Raverly link, but check out her Etsy shop.) The colour name is Canary

This hat, sadly earns me less points:
hat = 1pt
2oo yds = 2pts
TOTAL: 3 pts.
The best part about this pattern (if I may toot my own horn), is that it is a multi-gauge pattern. I used Eco-Alpaca by Viking of Norway for the grey hat (with scraps of Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Glimmer), which are chunky weight. You can use anything that you want, you just need the right size crochet hook and knitting needles.

 It’s time to stop boasting and time to get some more knitting done.

Love and hugs!




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3 Responses to Bring Back the Granny Square.

  1. Julianna says:

    Love the hats!! I really enjoyed knitting my “granny slouch” and I plan to knit more of them 🙂 It’s such a fun and addictive pattern.

  2. Annelise says:

    love it! great name 2!

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