Stashbusting hat

Stashbusting hat

Stashbusting hat on my model, Amber

My first finished object of 2012!

This was a lot of fun to knit, very quick and easy.   I think it turned out great – I love the final look of the hat.

I will probably knit more of these, and I may even write up the pattern (eventually).

I used Cascade 220 in various colours for this project.  In order to use smaller-sized scraps of yarn without having a lot of ends to weave in, I spit spliced the ends of each colour with the new one.  I didn’t worry about starting a new colour at the beginning of a round, I just introduced each new colour when I ran out of yarn or felt like the stripe was big enough.  I used a broken rib stitch pattern which was very forgiving with all of my random switching of the colours.


1 point – hat

1 point – stash

1.5 points – 130 yds

1 point – my design

4.5 points – total


About Julianna

Spinner, knitter, fibre-lover :)
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3 Responses to Stashbusting hat

  1. amy j says:

    Woop woop! Off to a good start, and already catching up with me and I’ve logged two projects – agh!!!!
    Looks great Julianna, If only my leftover cascade included more interesting colours!

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