I was going to wait to post this project, but the weather here, in Ottawa is horrible. Tons of snow, freezing rain, ice pellects — delightful! Normally I love winter. I love snow. I love the cold. But today I fell whiney. I’m trying to beat a cold (thanks Julianna for sharing those germs). The kids get a snow day — it almost makes me wish I was a teenager again.

My lastest custom order reflects the mood of today (hey, did you know that I do custom orders? Check out my Facebook Page for more details). My mom requested some of these, for the ladies she works with:

Pouty Face!Boring photo

My Cuss Hat is my most popular design. I’ve knit it about a 100 times (well, a dozen, actually) and I still love it everytime I cast on. It’s also the pattern that I sell the most (did you know that I sell my patterns through Raverly.com? Check out my Patterns Page. Ravelry can only be seen by those who have joined it. If you aren’t on Rav and are interested in purchasing my patterns, please feel free to email.)

OK, enough with the self-plugging, now on to what you are all really here for! The POINTS!

Hat 1 (the green one):

hat = 1pt

150 yards = 1.5 pts

design points = 4pts (because I designed it, wrote it up, had it test knit, and have published the pattern)

colour work = 2pts

TOTAL: 8.5

Hat 2 (the blue one):

hat = 1pt

yardage = 1.5pts

colour work = 2 pts

TOTAL: 4.5pts

Why the difference in points? We can only receive Design and Spinning points once. So I’ve used up my 4 design points for the Cuss Hat.

These hats were both knit using various colours of Cascade Pacific. It’s a really great merino wool and acrylic blend. It’s machine washable and dryable. It’s really soft too. I’ve been using it a lot for baby stuff and for people who are sensitive to wool. I really love it!

And I forgot to mention the type of yarn that I used in my Black socks — It’s Diamond Luxury Collection Foot Loose. It’s a 90% merino, 10% nylon sock yarn! And one of my favourites!

I know that you all have heard a lot from me, and not so much from the other ladies. I promise that I am now in the middle of several large projects and you probably won’t hear from me for some time. 

Catch you on the flip side!



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