Black socks…

… they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get. Some times I think I should wash them, but something keeps telling me, no, no, not yet.

Now that I have that annoying song in your head, I’m ready to show you my latest FO. It’s a big one!


Loving these vintage socks


I made these awesome socks for a wonderful friend. She is gifting them to her dad. I guess his mother used to make him these socks all the time. I’m quite proud of them. They are from a vintage pattern from a book entitled: Hand Knit Socks by Beehive. The pattern name is simply named: Cable.

I’ve awarded myself 9.5 pts.

Socks = 2pts

459 yards = 4.5pts

Never knit this pattern = 1pt

Cables = 2pt

Here’s the close up of the super awesome cables. I totally plan on using this cable for something else.

Cable Love!

Over and out!


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3 Responses to Black socks…

  1. amy j says:

    Check you out Little Miss points! they are fab!!!!!

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