Off to a sheepish start…..

Now I have some big-point earners on the needles at the moment. Sadly however, they have been on the needles for quite some time, and are still a ways off being finished. I cast on the cabled sweater of doom (C.S.O.D) last May, and although dramatic progress has been made, more often than not I find myself stealing the needle tips for other projects and hiding it away in the corner.

The dude cardigan was a big hit at Christmas. I wrapped up the completed right front and the back for my other boyfriend (separately of course!). He loved it. And now every time I pick up a different project, he looks at me as if I am cheating on him with other knitwear. I just can’t motivate myself to grapple with the fiddly tubular cast on required to kick off the left front though……

There is a secret santa gift, which I cast on last week and have finished (four hours of solid knitting during the Bond double bill at The Mayfair last week helped!), but can’t tell anyone about yet. (Yes, I know its January!).

But I am an impatient woman. And having a ‘zero’ on the points tally just didn’t sit well with me. So yesterday I reached for my trusty hook and knocked up this little sheepy offering:

Who doesn't need a crocheted sheep tape measure cosy?!

Yarn: Cascade 220. Col.8010. Scraps of black acrylic for legs.

Hook: 3.5mm for the body and ears. 2mm for the legs and face.

Points awarded: 2

Yardage: 0.5.  Don’t have exact figures, but  definitely less than 50 yards

Project type: 0.5 (I’ve just realised we don’t have a ‘toys/silliness category, so I’m awarding myself the bare minimum!)

Designing: 1. Yes, this came out of my pretty little head. I did write some notes so may well write it up at some point, cos lets face it, who doesn’t want a sheep-tape-measure-cosy?! (You can’t quite see in the photos, but you pull one snowy white tail to release the tape measure…I’m hoping this doesn’t count as animal cruelty!).


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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One Response to Off to a sheepish start…..

  1. Julianna says:

    Hahaha… so cute! I love it! The nose is the best part 🙂

    I fear for the amount of points you will get when you finish those sweaters!

    OK, off to knit so I can finally get on the scoreboard, myself!

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